Semi Custom Cabinets Cincinnati

Handcrafted to Complete Your Space

With over 60+ years of combined experience in craftsmen woodworking and cabinet making, Cabinet Pros is your trusted partner for custom cabinets in the Cincinnati area.

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Custom cabinets give your home or business a uniqueness which has been lost over the past few decades with the growth of “big box” mega retailers.

  • Handcrafted
  • Fancy Finishes
  • Local Crew
  • Custom Fit
  • Pride in Your Space
  • Meet Any Style
What People Are Saying

James and the team at Cabinet Pros built some amazing custom cabinets for our new kitchen! We love, love, love them! Thanks guys

What People Are Saying

Cabinet Pros live up to their name! They are experts and we’re glad to have hired them for our newly renovated kitchen.

What People Are Saying

We hired Cabinet Pros to build a custom entertainment center for our living room. It’s made the room so warm and comfortable feeling... our family loves movie night even more now!

What People Are Saying

Can’t decide on the types of cabinets you want? Cabinet Pros will help you choose materials & styles, then design and install semi-custom cabinets that won’t break the bank! Much nicer than the junk offered at big box stores!

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